I'M danielle, girl MOM, PHOTOGRAPHER, AND Farmer

Hey, hey!

Hey Hey! I’m Danielle, a Senior + Wedding Photographer born and raised here in central Wisconsin!

Most days you can find me in jeans + cowboy boots hanging out with my sweet baby girl, Evelyn. I live on a farm with my guy and our daughter where we raise beef cow-calf pairs. You may find some pictures of our cute baby calves on the website if you look around!

My favorite food is homemade chili-even in the summertime and my go-to drink is malibu-cran. 

I will always have a soft spot for big hair, my daughters encapsulating smile, and classic country music.

These are a few of my favorite things

I've watched the show, yes all 15 seasons, at least 3 times and always have it on when I want something on the TV. Meredith for life.

Grey'S anatomy

I love Coffee!! Especially mocha flavored. Hot in the winter, and iced in the summer. There are people out there that actually don't drink this stuff?? 


This one may seem weird, but white walls make for the perfect reflector for photos! It makes taking pictures of my adorable baby anywhere in the house, very easy. 

White walls

My baby girl. She has brought so much joy to us in the last year and I cannot imagine life without her. She's the perfect mood boost on any given day and the sweetest little photo subject you ever did see.


I think this one is on everyone's list. It basically does everything! Keeps track of important dates, is a quick camera when Evie is being cute, and the ultimate social media/planning and communication tool! As a mom, I've gotten the urge to be more organized and my phone has totally helped me do that! 

My iPhone

On most other people's about me page, you'll see that they love to travel. And that is the same for me, I like traveling to new places to take beautiful photos for people but at the end of the day I love coming home to my family and my own bed!

BEing home

I grew up on a farm + I’ve been a part of agriculture my whole life + probably will always have a role in ag. My guy + I and our daughter live on a farm in an old farmhouse that we remodeled. Evelyn is the light of our life and she finds new ways to make us smile every single day. I can tell you for sure that this girl will have SO many pictures documented of her life, because I’m absolutely one of “THOSE” moms!! On our farm we raise beef cow-calf pairs. It’s just the best thing when those adorable little calves start being born in the spring! It’s the best life + I couldn’t be more grateful.
I’m a field supervisor for Del Monte Foods as my full time gig. So aside from taking beautiful pictures of people, I LOVE photographing our cows! 

I’ve always had a creative side, I had a scrapbook room in my dads office where I was always creating + making things. In high school, I was the one with the camera, nothing fancy, just a little digital point and shoot. I loved editing the pictures with crazy filters + colors afterwards, thankfully my editing has evolved since then + my camera has gotten a lot nicer!! I truly never thought I'd actually be a photographer for other people and get paid for it. I just genuinely wanted to document my life. One day I attended a wedding and was bugging the photographer asking her soo many questions. Her willingness to answer them and make me believe that I could really do this is what led me into this amazing thing I now call Danielle Kristine Photography.

My love + passion for photography has grown so much and I couldn’t be more thankful! I’m a natural light photographer, I love bold colors with a touch of sunlight. I don’t take studio pictures because I’ve found that the most beautiful images are taken outside. Including your cows or horses, or any other animal for that matter, in your pictures is totally encouraged!!

My favorite part of this job is making you feel beautiful + getting to know you! Getting to really know my clients + making their experience unique is what I pride myself in. If you've made it this far AND are liking what you hear, we may be the perfect fit, let's work together, I can't wait to hear from you!

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